Sit back, take a toke or pull on whatever helps you to relax, and enjoy some biographical stories, essays, poems, art and photos created by a friendly visitor to this beautiful planet.

Most of this collection comes from my own experiences and observations, having enjoyed a long life of travel and adventure - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

To me the singular most important lesson of all this:

"You create your own reality".

Totally objective observation is impossible, (Heinsenburg's 'Uncertainty Principle'), and in many cases, not critical to the understanding of most subjects. Many people will read bias of one kind or another in what I have written - which can not be denied. But is it the bias of the writer - or that projected by the reader? And what does it matter? We all have our opinions; based on half truths, beliefs, falsehoods, and misconceptions that accumulate through social indoctrination, experience, study and reflection. For most people the facts seldom stand in the way of their opinions. There - I have stated an important observation!


Your Host:

Brian R. Mommsen

And yes - the photos, art, poetry, and writings on this website have been created by the host. So please ask before using for some nefarius purpose!

Calpulas, Honduras - 1975
Ft. Lauderdale - 2006
Washington State - 2014