TBT - (1992) "Adventures in Paradise: Part III - The Final Stop - Bali!"

After a week of mind blowing diving in Palau we boarded an Air Micronesia jet to return to Guam for our flight to Bali, Indonesia. Palau is half way to Bali - but the only way to get there is to fly over Palau from Guam!

For us the arrival in Bali was kind of a mystical experience as the island is clearly the most exotic place we have ever been. The colors, the music, the architecture, the gardens, the food, the smell of incense everywhere and the wonderful friendly people are all so sensual that you feel real paradise has at last been found.

Every artifact on this island is a delicate work of art by very talented people who have worked centuries to refine their specialties in stone craft, wood craft, fabric designs, etc. The reason behind this total effort by the Balinese to bring beauty and spirituality to all aspects of their lives seems to spring from their Hindu religion. Out of the 13,466 islands in Indonesia only Bali is basically Hindu (92% of the population).

Our enchantment with Bali never wavered during the week we spent there exploring the island. In the lush mountains and on the pristine seashore we encountered one sensual delight after another - pleasant surprises abounded. A peaceful and graceful population surrounded in nature's tropical glory.

And then we had to go home to Miami and the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew to decide our future. Stay in Miami - move to Palau - or move to Bali. Yes - we had an invitation from an Indonesian company to live and work in Bali!

The world seems to be getting smaller - but you do not have to get bored with the same old. Or be jaded by seeing Starbucks in the most remote or ancient locations on the globe. There are still many interesting places where people act and think differently then you do. Explore - expand - grow into your authentic self and fully appreciate the diversity of humanity. It is a wonderful world.