Halloween in Aberdeen.

In this photo the prankster covering the numbers to make '666' is a well known person from my hometown - Aberdeen, Washington. Kurt Cobain of Nervana fame.

He had his demons drugs and depression, and they got the better of him. Nature and nurture, our genes and the scene produce what we seem.

Gloomy weather forever - that is how I remember Aberdeen. Halloween is one of the few holidays in Aberdeen that you could go outside without a raincoat.

Perhaps Cobain suffered from the same disorder I have, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I overcame my seasonal depression by moving to the sunny south. If Cobain had only heeded Jimmy Buffet's advice in Buffet's popular song Changes in Latitudes-Changes in Attitudes.

So much gray dreary weather in my home state - now you know why Washington State is going to pot!